Baker Tilly International Launches Succession Planning Research
January 15, 2022

Baker Tilly International, the world’s eighth largest network of independent accounting and business advisory firms, today announced that it has launched a global research project on succession planning and is inviting owners of privately-held and family businesses to participate via an online survey -

“Succession planning is a key issue for businesses in the United States of America and around the world; in the next decade an unprecedented number of owners will retire, leading to a massive shift in wealth, ownership and control,” said Geoff Barnes, CEO & President at Baker Tilly International.

“Such is the scale of impending succession that the way in which the ownership of these businesses is transferred will determine not just the wealth of the individual and family involved, but the future prosperity of the economies in which they operate.

“Many of those retiring currently have no exit strategy and need to understand the many complex family, individual and business issues that must be addressed in the succession process if they are to realize the best value possible for their business,” he said.

How to take part

Business owners who would like to take part in the research can access the questionnaire here: It will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Those completing the survey will receive a copy of Succession Planning, a Baker Tilly International Guide for closely held and family businesses. They will also receive, early next year, a copy of the report based on the survey findings, supplemented by high-level analysis and commentary, which will provide valuable insight into the succession planning challenges in the United States of America and allow global comparisons.

The survey is open through Friday, April 19, 2013.

Please visit to find out more about succession planning.