Business 2 Business Consults ParenteBeard Partner Robert Newcomer on Company Valuations
June 10, 2022

Business 2 Business magazine consulted ParenteBeard Partner Robert Newcomer on the core areas companies should assess for valuations.

According to Mr. Newcomer, companies should review what level of coverage is expected above the federal minimum; evaluate current employee contribution levels compared to new federal minimum requirements; evaluate whether hiring new full-time employees to help grow the business is more favorable than gaining higher performance levels from the existing workforce and lastly, consider what the tax consequences may be if the federal government begins to tax health benefits as wages.

Mr. Newcomer’s expertise was included in an article titled, “Succession, M&A, and the New Valuation,” a discussion on how health benefits may affect a company’s selling price.

In his 35 years of professional experience, Mr. Newcomer has provided audit and accounting and consulting services to a variety of clients from the medical, healthcare, construction, real estate, auto, media, manufacturing and service industries.

Full article in Business 2 Business.