Spinning Plates
July 24, 2013

As a CEO, I try to give my time, thought and energy to our team members and our clients.  But there are days when 24 hours simply aren’t enough. In my career, I have always defined myself by my work ethic.  But if I’m being honest, the number of plates I have to keep spinning for our company’s continued growth and success is a challenge. It’s a challenge I welcome but it’s a challenge nonetheless.

With all of these “spinning plates,” I am often asked how I manage to keep any one of these plates from breaking. I could tell you it’s about being organized or my gift for multitasking. But the real answer is trust. And not trust that I won’t ever drop a plate. It’s trust in our team that if a plate falls, someone will be there to catch it.

Trust in business is hard to develop and even harder to give. I’m a CPA by training and now a CEO. It’s not a far leap to say that I may have an “A-Type” personality. I may even be the type of person who feels better if I do it myself. But I was lucky in that I had great mentors who showed me – early in my career – that they had trust in not only my skills and counsel but more importantly, in my ability to catch a falling plate. They showed me that trust is necessary for success – and not just business success, personal success too.

That’s one of the reasons that we took the important step of announcing 36 mid-year promotions this week.  Being able to recognize so many individuals for their stellar performance while offering a variety of opportunities to grow professionally reflects the strong talent we have at ParenteBeard.  But more, it recognizes the commitment of so many to our continued and collective success.  It is that commitment that reaffirms – and strengthens – my trust every day.

From our partners to our staff accountants, everyone on our team is committed to keeping the plates spinning – and sometimes even adding new ones. And when we do add those plates, we can do it with confidence because there are good people to keep them from breaking.

How do you keep all of your plates spinning?

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2 Responses to Spinning Plates

  1. John Miller says:

    Love this topic, particularly as a manager who… doesn’t always do that. Running a small business, it quickly becomes imperative to allow your people to do what you hired them to do. So, if you hired the right people, you must allow them to do what you hired them to do. Seems so simple, but it’s hard to let go.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  2. Bob Ciaruffoli says:

    John – Thanks for the note and glad you enjoyed the post. We all struggle with letting go and delegating every so often but it is important to build trust for your team over time. I trust in my team’s ability and stellar client relationships. This helps keep our plates spinning here at ParenteBeard. I wish you the best of luck growing your business!

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