Who We Are – Inside and Out
September 9, 2013

Today, we launched a new video, “My Balance,” which highlights several ParenteBeard team members and how they strike work-life balance.  From a love for classic cars to coaching t-ball to training for marathons, our team knows how to work hard and play hard.  And at ParenteBeard, we couldn’t encourage that approach more.

To me, work-life balance is important – and that isn’t just lip-service from the CEO.  Our team works unbelievably long hours and each team member is deeply passionate about what they do.  As Jason Bernard rightly says in the video, our team is “talented enough to execute on a high level and driven to do even more than they do today.”  But the reason our team is so productive and able to continually deliver for our clients is because they have rich and fulfilling lives away from the office.  When people are given the flexibility to pursue their personal passions, it makes each of us better professionally.

How do you find your balance?  I’d love to hear about what you’re passionate about outside the office and how you make the time to enjoy it.

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2 Responses to Who We Are – Inside and Out

  1. Gabriel Grove says:

    Outside of work I am passionate about volunteering either through my son’s volunteer program or on my own. Additionally, I love to take time to myself and sit in a quiet place to gather my thoughts, read, or work on my new project. I find time when my children are away or I take vacation days off from work and spend the whole day alone.

  2. Bob Ciaruffoli says:

    Gabriel, I appreciate hearing how you find your balance. Volunteering is a great way to stay active in the community, give back and make new connections. I’m glad to hear you are closely involved in your son’s activities. In our video, we showed just a glimpse of how our team members also enjoy their work / life balance, both male and female, by spending time with their families. It is something we at ParenteBeard really value.

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