All Hands on Deck
October 15, 2022

We recently held our all team meetings and it got me thinking about the larger concept.  We are lucky at ParenteBeard in that most of our team members actually look forward to these meetings.  But I do understand the challenges companies and leaders face when planning these events.

If the only real goal of an all team meeting is to get everyone in the same room, it can be difficult to produce a meaningful outcome. However, when all hands meetings are approached correctly, they can be a very powerful tool for promoting a company’s vision. Understanding the purpose and having a well thought out plan are keys to having a successful, meaningful meeting.

Sometimes we can lose sight of the bigger picture. The strategic direction and goal of the company often gets lost in the details of everyday responsibilities. This meeting gives us an opportunity to put our vision back in focus. An organization needs to be aligned throughout all of its units with a singular vision if it wishes to grow.

If each team member leaves the meeting with one thing to remember and take action on, then it is a success. To do this, you must make your message resonate with everyone by explaining what’s in it for each of them. It’s integral that every employee feels as though he or she is part of the firm’s movement towards a singular vision. By definition, the all team meetings should be about all of those in attendance. It’s important to make the connection to how each employee’s day-to-day duties contribute to the overall success of the company.

Lastly, it provides a forum for us to connect with one another. These meetings are not simply a chance for the CEO to stand in the spotlight. It’s important for employees from throughout the organization to participate in order to truly build unity. These meetings are a tremendous opportunity for all business segments to refocus on the vision and move forward together as one company, one community. For some companies, all team meetings may have developed an undesirable reputation, but when approached with the right mindset and plan they are extremely effective in moving a company forward.

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