November 19, 2021

Resilience. Fortitude. Community. Perseverance.  After Hurricane Sandy tore through the northeast, leaving unfathomable destruction in its wake, these are the words that repeatedly come to my mind. It has been over two weeks since this horrific storm and still the amount of damage is impossible to comprehend. Thousands are yet without the basics- electricity, food and water- and worse, many have lost loved ones.

The concept of community and perseverance continues to strike me as I watch our country put aside differences and come together to support relief efforts from small and local to national endeavors.  It’s difficult times like these when the resilience, fortitude and true sense of kinship within our country shines brightest. Rebuilding efforts will unquestionably be massive. But that won’t deter the people of our communities. It will only bring us closer and make us stronger.

Many members of our ParenteBeard family live and work in some of the areas hardest hit, so we were eager to join in to help our coworkers as well as all those affected in the region we call home. Last Tuesday, we began our Forget-Me-Knot fundraising campaign. Our firm will match the amount raised by our team members and send the donation to the American Red Cross.

As the doors swung open to our offices Tuesday morning, all ParenteBeard team members had a string knotted around their fingers as a reminder to make a contribution to the relief effort. Hence the name “Forget-Me-Knot” was born. We are pleased to say we were able to donate more than $21,000 to the American Red Cross after the four day campaign thanks to our caring team members.

As time passes, we must remember the tremendous impact of Hurricane Sandy and make a commitment to continue supporting the rebuilding of our communities. Our willingness to contribute and help each other has no end date. That’s the ParenteBeard way.

I continue to feel inspired by the outpouring of support from people near and far.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to every person  who was affected and continues to struggle in the aftermath.  The success of the Forget-Me-Knot initiative and the storm itself are emotional experiences we will not soon forget.

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