Bringing You Tools for a Pain Free Tax Filing
March 18, 2022

A guest blog post from John Nealon, our small business practice leader

Working with small business owners for most of my professional career, I’ve witnessed the daily pressure that coincides with managing a business. For many small business owners this anxiety peaks at tax filing time.  That’s why we’ve launched the ParenteBeard Small Business Tax Toolkit, an online resource updated regularly with information to help small businesses get through tax time with fewer headaches.

Small businesses owners face an additional concern this year as the IRS is increasing the number of small business audits in an effort to close the $450 billion tax gap. This is why it’s critical for small businesses to be extremely diligent when filing and avoid any mistakes that could raise a red flag. And, the fiscal cliff deal presents a number of upcoming changes that small businesses need to be familiar with.

How can small business owners wade through 70,000 pages of tax code and find time to manage their business? Realistically, it’s not possible.  We invite you to check out our Small Business Tax Toolkit to find all the information in one spot.  The toolkit includes articles written by our team of tax professionals, weekly tax tips, industry surveys, tax jokes and relevant news articles.

We hope our toolkit offers small businesses everywhere some relief during this hectic time of year.

I appreciate that Bob gave me the opportunity to share this space and look forward to dropping in again soon.

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