College Recruiting

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  • > Three day job shadowing program offered to freshman and sophomore accounting majors
  • > Provides exposure to our firm’s culture, professional staff and career opportunities
  • > Selection criteria includes minimum 3.0 GPA, community involvement and work experience

  • > 10 weeks (winter and summer internship programs) or six months (co-op program) for junior and fifth-year senior accounting majors
  • > Provides meaningful technical and professional development
  • > Successful performance in internship or co-op provides opportunity to join our firm full time after graduation

Start your career as a staff accountant in our Audit & Accounting practice or as an associate in our business advisory practice.

150 credit hour requirements

As an employer of choice for many of the best and brightest accounting graduates, ParenteBeard requires recent graduates to have or be as close as possible to the 150 credit hours necessary to be licensed. All of the states we operate in are 150 credit hour states which means that while you can still sit for the exam you will not be able to get licensed until you obtain the necessary 150 credit hours.