November 2012

FMI has just released its 3rd Quarter 2012 report. We are providing a link to this information since there may be information pertinent to you and your business. If you would like to discuss this information or any other business issue please contact your ParenteBeard partner or Michael Malinoski, Construction and Real Estate Industry Group Practice Leader at your earliest convenience.

Just Released: FMI's Construction Outlook: 3rd Quarter 2012 Report

Now that the elections are over, it is time for America to get back to work. However, contrary to election-year rhetoric, the economy is inching its way to improvement, and the construction industry has not stopped working even if it is more difficult to find that next project and remain profitable. FMI's forecast is calling for an 8 percent increase in total construction put in place for 2013, thanks, in large part, to more robust growth in residential construction and a few strong markets in nonresidential and nonbuilding construction. Our commentary focuses on getting private money out of the proverbial mattress and back into sound investments. With the fiscal cliff looming and state budgets still in repair mode, if the economy is to grow at a faster rate, it will be the private markets that must lead the way. Read the entire report.

Michael C. Malinoski, CPA
Partner, Construction and Real Estate Industry Group Practice Leader

Reprinted with permission from FMICorporation, 919.787.8400. For more information, visit or call Sarah Avallone at 919.785.9221.

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