April 2013

Contractor – May/June 2013

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in the May/June issue

Where’s my crew?

Readying your business for the impending labor shortage
It’s estimated that, by 2016, about 50 percent more workers will be needed in the U.S. than are on the job or otherwise available today. But there are a variety of ways contractors can prepare now to attract and retain tomorrow’s best construction workers. This article looks at benchmarking and at creating job opportunities that meet the needs of the millennial generation. A sidebar discusses the recent extension of the Work Opportunity tax credit.

Keep your wits about you with a crisis management plan

Just about any contractor will probably be able to relate a tale of a local disaster — such as a fire at a refueling station, a crane collapse on a jobsite or a temporary wall tumbling over in high winds. This is why it’s essential that every construction company have a crisis management plan in place. This article explains how to identify potential disasters, pick the right people to administer a plan, and deal with employees following a disaster.

Extended energy-related incentives are still available

For contractors, there are a number of energy-related incentives still available under the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 that may save money and perhaps generate some business. This article discusses credits for fuel efficiency, “green” energy production and energy-efficient home improvements.

Construction Success Story

Plumber learns tough lesson on payment terms
This issue’s “Construction Success Story” examines the case of a plumbing contractor who had always relied on a simple boilerplate contract, rather than on a ream of densely worded legal documents. This worked fine until he began working with a large national developer specializing in complex commercial projects. Following the owner’s bankruptcy, the contractor found that the term “paid if paid” was an invitation to a legal battle.

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