Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Seeking opportunity for success at every stage

From the valuation of an employee stock ownership plan, to due diligence on a merger or acquisition, to advice about a private equity or venture capital deal, ParenteBeard can help you succeed.  For us, our service is a progression: we listen, observe and develop a strategy that’s built around your needs.

Our professionals have performed or consulted on scores of valuations and fairness opinions in a number of complex situations.  The world of corporate finance and business valuation continues to change rapidly. Professional reports are increasingly relied upon and analyzed by the SEC, boards of directors, the IRS and auditors.  The amount of scrutiny placed on fairness opinions and valuations continues to grow in a complex world of rules, regulations and pronouncements.  Our reports are prepared to withstand scrutiny over an extended period of time.

Here’s how we can help you:

Fairness opinions

  • Management buyouts
  • Going private transactions
  • Related party transactions
  • Down round financings and equity recapitalizations

Valuation engagements

  • Estate and gift tax plans
  • Shareholder disputes and buyouts
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Stock option grants
  • Goodwill impairment testing
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Value of embedded derivatives
  • Restructuring of domestic and international subsidiaries
  • Transfer and licensing of intellectual property

Strategic alternatives analysis

Our professionals offer an extensive range of strategic advisory services and solutions to middle market companies faced with these questions. Our analysis is designed to provide business owners and boards with critical evaluations and the data required to make informed strategic business decisions. We thoroughly examine and interpret historical and prospective company dynamics, taking into account current market conditions, industry specific factors and shareholder objectives.

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