Transaction Advisory Services

See Your Deal Clearly

Buying or selling an entire business, division, product line or individual assets is a potential minefield. Throughout your business’ life cycle, the success of a business transaction depends on solid analysis and fact-based decision making at every stage of the process. ParenteBeard’s dedicated Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) professionals will support you in obtaining the in-depth planning and analyses you require before, during and after the transaction. Our dedicated TAS team is completely focused on providing transaction advisory services – in this complex arena you will be working with specialized, seasoned professionals. With training in Big 4 TAS groups, ParenteBeard’s TAS team is among the most experienced among regional firms.

ParenteBeard LLC offers clients, including private equity funds and privately-held and public companies, the Transaction Advisory Services required to successfully execute a business transaction. Our TAS team works closely with your business throughout the entire transaction. We have the experience to handle complex deal challenges and base our approach on your specific transaction needs. Clients receive senior TAS financial and tax resources on all aspects of the transaction, supplemented by the full, multidisciplinary complement of our firm’s accounting, tax, and other advisory service professionals.

When you identify an opportunity to make an investment or the need to sell a business our TAS team’s broad range of experience and insightful analysis can provide the clarity and information you will need to make the best possible decision for your business.

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