Healthcare Management Consulting by Presscott Associates

Presscott Associates, a division of ParenteBeard, is a healthcare management consulting firm that provides specialized services to a diverse client base including hospitals, physicians, integrated delivery systems, national and regional health plans and life sciences and technology companies. Specialized healthcare services include economic value analysis, revenue chain management (including revenue cycle and optimization of financial resources) and strategic relationship management.

Presscott Associates offers in-depth knowledge of provider, health plans and life sciences companies (medical device manufacturers and biotechnology companies) focusing on the optimization of revenue, reimbursement management and operations improvement.

Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Providers
    • integrated delivery systems
    • revenue cycle
    • financial modeling and reimbursement
  • Health plans
    • provider network optimization
    • medical expense management
  • Life sciences
    • payor coverage and reimbursement
    • economic value studies and analysis

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the payor and provider community, reimbursement trends and specialty-specific medical and financial policy affords Presscott Associates the opportunity to assist you in achieving a competitive edge in your marketplace. Whether it is entering new markets, forecasting utilization, understanding managed care contracting and the associated coding for new technology or educating customers on related reimbursement issues, Presscott Associates is able to provide expertise in all of these important areas for our clients.

The experienced professionals at Presscott Associates optimize market opportunities for our clients’ network, service and product development and expansion needs, resulting in the development of numerous mutually beneficial relationships. The large number of repeat clients that we serve is the best evidence of the success we have achieved for our clients.

We add the value of economics to the management of healthcare.

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