Sustainability Practice

What does it mean to you?

Many businesses find the concept of sustainability confusing.  The key to our successful sustainability plans is tailoring them to make sense for your business.

Our team will evaluate your triple-bottom line (or your organization’s effect on people, planet and profit) by measuring organizational and societal successes – economic, ecological and social.  Examples of this include analyzing employment practices, looking at recycling and waste handling and understanding the economic effect your business has on your community.  From there, depending on your goals, our experts will make recommendations on ways to improve on efficiency.

Businesses with robust sustainability reporting can benefit from our third party review.  More and more companies want to prevent risk to their brand and image by having a solid methodology of sustainability reporting in place and a third party review provides assurance that the reporting has been done properly.

We will create objectives that are achievable, measurable and can grow and improve as your business continues to evolve.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • Operational assessments
  • Triple bottom-line assessment of the concept of People, Planet and Profit for the organization
  • Establishing the organization’s key performance indicators for sustainability drivers
  • Assurance reviews of sustainability reporting
  • Attestation reviews of sustainability reporting

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